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Chairman’s Message

Dr. M. Thejo Moorthy.

M.Sc., M.A.,MBA., Ph.D.

Heartly welcome to careers in happy world.

Hospitality Industry is a world of people dealing with a spirit of giving happiness to people. Vijayam Hotel Management is offering programs to prepare aspirants to take up careers in ever green Hotel Industry.

Our faculties are highly motivated to inspire people to transform them to be an excellent professional. Hotel management as the education offers opportunities in global scenario.

Our belief is Hoteliering is not a job but it is a way of life.

If any youngsters having a basic element of Hoteliering like aptitude for learning by doing, Habit of making friends, Willing to take up challenges and having taste on the tongue, He or She are the right ones to be in Hospitality Industry. If you believe in the best, Vijayam College is the best.

The programme also aims to develop the student’s ability to examine and analyse the impact of the constantly changing environment both in the international and national spheres, especially in the areas of tourism, hospitality and hotels. It also focuses on developing insights, critical thinking, management skills and strong technical skills (Front office, Room division, Food and Beverage Production and Management). Within the hospitality and service industry, the course curriculum is designed to help learn to promote the development of creative and research skills within students so that they can generate solutions to management problems.

The Vijayam campus at Chittoor is a modern infrastructure, equipped with state-of-the-art labs, including kitchen and computer labs and training rooms, modern classrooms.

Wish you a great success.

Wide Employment Opportunity

8.1 Crore Jobs in India’s Tourism Sector (2017-18)

Skills Development

No Need to Memorize. Skill oriented Courses.

Work across the Globe

Opportunity to Work in any where in the world

Quick Growth in Career

Creative work-style with quick growth to Top Management Cadre.

Diverse Industry Placements

Can work in Star Hotels, Luxury Resorts, Airlines, Cruise ships, Corporates & Restaurant Chains.

Multicultural Exposure

Opportunity to Meet and interact with Celebrities, Multicultural People and more.

Want to be an intern with us are you interested for Admissions.?

Vijayam Hotel Management is an institution providing an ideal atmosphere for dynamic and focused learning. It is a brand that has a rich legacy and provides opportunities for participating in the new dimensions of hospitality.

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